Fuel monitoring solution: this is a user friendly solution that provides the fully functional management of the station forecourt. The installed Console is used to collect the data from sensors and probes: fuel and gas levels and transmit the readouts to Customer Portal via Internet.


The solution supports LPG distributors in effective planning the most optimal delivery routes. With WEB application, a distributor can follow hourly LPG consumption in tanks, what enables to predict the need of delivery in near future, and therefore, secure customers against running out of gas by alarming at critical LPG level (mail and/or SMS). The installation on site is very easy and does not demand any special tools or qualifications.

The solution fits to any size of LPG tanks – from small tanks to big ones (using special adapters).


Smart gas metering  is a cost effective method of collecting consumption, diagnostic and status data from gas meters and transferring the data over GPRS/SMS to a back office server for billing and advanced data analysis. In Clustered Architecture GSM Data loggers work as a gateway for radio enabled APULSE devices within their range. High performance radio technology system perfectly meets requirements of different types of urban architecture: from high rise buildings to individual housing.


Gas guys Ng has developed a complete range of logistical solutions for the Bulk transportation of LPG (Cooking gas). With an extensive logistics platform and data-tracking, whatever and wherever your LPG requirement is, our comprehensive supply capabilities will provide you with the most cost effective and efficient gas and equipment supply solution for your business requirements.


Gas guys Ng provides timely and cost effective solutions for the transfer, storage, and distribution of Liquefied Petroleum Gas. Our LPG professionals work closely with each client from design through to the installation and start-up of each project to ensure a comprehensive solution that fits their requirements and budget.

Gas guys Ng in-house design, engineering and construction team offers turnkey design/build solutions for LPG & NGL bulk storage plants and terminals. Our team of engineers and designers will assist you in: defining the project requirements, specification of all equipment and materials, ensuring all applicable code requirements are met and obtaining local permits. Additionally our field service professionals are ready to assist with installation, construction, start-up and commissioning.

For temporary storage or sites with uncertain production capacity, we provide portable skid mounted tank storage and transfer solutions. Each skid tank can be configured to provide a complete storage and transfer solution based upon each customer’s specific requirements


  • Gas guys Ng provides door to door delivery of LPG by either refilling your gas cylinders or exchanging your cylinder with an already filled one.
  • We also house this facility at our service station across Lagos state.

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